Saturday, September 3, 2011

House Boat - The Thorns Of Life

Post-Ergs, I guess House Boat are NYCs go-to for post-Screeching Weasel pop-punkery around town. That is with all deference to Iron Chic, who to stir it up from the jump, are vastly superior. It's not that House Boat are bad, I guess it's really maybe that Grath seems to be trying too hard. Playing the third tier Paddy card is not a good look for anyone, despite the sheer volume of contenders clamoring for the slot.

I guess we can start with the Thorns Of Life title, which wasn't especially funny when The Offspring pulled the original card on that when they were going to call their last dungheap Chinese Democracy. That kind of snark doesn't look good, especially when it means a lot of songs with titles longer than their namesakes. Think Chixdiggit if they were more depressed and angst ridden. None of the songs are terrible. I like it better when Zack sings and the last one is really nice, but Thorns Of Life won't be my first go-to for post-Weston emo-punkery, even if I read on the interwebs that Mikey Erg said this is the best record he's been on? That seems like it might be a misquote, but hey I don't drink Jameson either. Get Thorns Of Life here from the HB bandcamp or get a hard copy for your hard specie from Traffic Street here.


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