Thursday, December 30, 2010

P.S. Eliot - Living In Squalor 7"

Much like the second Little Lungs 7", I'm about a year late on this, but as I understand P.S. Eliot have a second full-length called Sadie dropping Spring-ish on Salinas, let's let this serve as a teaser to whet your appetite. Living In Squalor is my first exposure to P.S. Eliot and I'm pleased to say that I like it very much. Five songs from this four-piece, of whom three are ladies, including the singer. There's a Buzzcocks meets Little Lungs thing going on with them that I like a whole bunch. I always thought that P.S. Eliot were local, but it seems they are actually from Birmingham and Chattenooga. While I enjoy the South, their residency does keep the possibility of seeing P.S. Eliot live in the near future a very slim one. That sucks, as I'm really interested in seeing if these kids pull it off live. My fave track is Cry Uncle, but Living In Squalor is solid all around. I'd buy it. You can do the same here from your friends at The Cottage Records and even pay what you will. The not-especially regularly updated web presence for T.S. E is here.


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